Code quality/tech debt are not things you make tickets for. Generally.
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The problem I find with ticketing code quality tickets is three fold. 1) Not all code messes are equal. Technical debt in an area of code with high churn is expensive. Technical debt in code that works and doesnโ€™t need to be touched again is zero interest and zero payments, and refactoring it actually just introduces risk for potentially zero again. If you make a ticket to clean up a messy module, you add the waste to talk about it in pointing, planning, etc.

Seven Software Presentations Good Enough to watch twice
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Glenn Vanderberg: Real Software Engineering tl;dr: (Spoiler) Software Engineering as a concept is a joke unless you’re practicing Agile disciplines. (This is the only software talk I’ve ever seen get a standing ovation) Uncle Bob Martin: The Renaissance of Craftmanship tl;dr: Be less terrible. Jim Weirich: The Grand Unified Theory of Software Design tl;dr: Connascence is a word and it’s hard to fathom all the ways in which our code is coupled.

5 Remote team anti-paterrns
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I've been on serveral remote or partially remote teams. These are some antipatterns I've noticed over the years

Creating software in two days: Lansing GiveCamp Retrospective
Creating software in two days: Lansing GiveCamp Retrospective
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At Lansing GiveCamp I was chosen to lead a team tasked with creating a guest registration system for Ronald McDonald House of Mid-Michigan . Ronald McDonald House wanted to get off their current system, paper, to streamline their processes and report on their data. The event started around 7:00PM on Friday and ended with 3:00PM on Sunday. Thatโ€™s 44 hours. At first it seemed too simple and I wondered if Microsoft Access wouldnโ€™t have been sufficient for their needs.